Moments That Shake You

Life has a way of waking you up and shaking you at weird moments. I feel like I write about this often but what better time to write than when you’re shaken up.

Today I found out that a past co-worker of mine had lost her sister earlier this year. Her sister was driving home from the Blackhawks game, hit a median and died in the hospital an hour later. I saw pictures of her in the newspaper obituary. I had never met her but she seemed like someone I would get along with. I could picture us going for wine and sushi, sharing stories, taking a yoga class or even going to a Blackhawks game. She was beautiful and blonde. I love fellow my blondes. She was also 30 when she died.

This tragedy hit home for me not only because she was so similar to me– it hit home because she is so similar to my friends, my sister and plenty of loved ones I know. It broke my heart. I don’t think a parent should ever have to bury a child and I can’t fathom a life ending at 30.

Like I said, I don’t know her and have never met her but I feel a strange desire to learn something and change how I live to honor this young woman. I challenge you to do the same:

Be smart. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t let others drink and drive.
Tell people how you feel.
Choose happiness. Above all, choose love.
Forgive others. Forgive yourself.
If you say you’re going to do something, do it.
Make time for your family.
Be an understanding friend.
Speak kindly to others. Speak kindly to yourself.
Apologize if you’re in the wrong. Apologize even if you’re not sure if you’re in the wrong.
Treat you body better. Fuel it for life.
Smile at strangers.
Be thankful for what you have. It is probably more than most people.
Come to terms with your faults. Work on bettering yourself.
Embrace who you really are. Even if it is different than the norm, your friends, your family, etc.
Listen to more live music.
Learn a new hobby. Then teach it to someone else.
Hug more.
Laugh more.

What would you add?

The Beauty of Words and Being a Bookworm

The power of words vs the impact of visual.

With a new version of the Great Gatsby coming out on film (sadly next summer), I’ve had numerous conversations with friends about turning books into movies. I believe that some books aren’t meant to be movies and some movies shouldn’t ever be made into books. Their plot lines would just not hold up (please see any movie created by Lionsgate).

With Fitzgerald especially, I think written word reigns supreme. I’m a words girl. Letters. Books. Notes. I will always be the one to send a note to my loved ones via snail mail. I love how words can be used to create meaning and weave together our emotions.


What books are you currently reading?

Hustlin’ and Bustlin’

Here I go again.Another post where I apologize for going months on months without writing! Instead of another round of excuses, I will try to explain in pictures. Who doesn’t love visuals, right?So. What have I been up to?

Biked 100 miles. Yes, they got me in a helmet. Boo.


Cheered on a dear friend as she finished her breast cancer treatment.


Went to Milwaukee with some of my best friends to visit one of my best friends.


Went to Packers training camp and quite a few Packers games.

553500_10100979585973799_1406266375_n.jpeg541239_10101059225580389_1158287636_n.jpeg422245_10100993702683799_587668186_n.jpeg404267_10101112528221469_968630627_n.jpegTook on a new challenge and accepted the role of Social Media Strategist at Draftfcb.screen-shot-2010-07-23-at-44655-pm.png

Worked on my shooting skills.


Went to a punk rock concert and rioted my life (and inner teenager) away


Cheered on the Hawkeyes and tried to be a good alum despite our terrible ball play.


Ran the Chicago Marathon for the 2nd time and beat my time by 25 minutes. Ran in 4hrs 11 mins.


I hope you will accept my visual excuses! As always, feel free to catch me at the following on the regular:



Stay classy, my friends. I promise to write more. Really.