Monaco Cocktails- My Kind of Medicine

My friends and I earned our college degrees at the University of Iowa in 2009. Tailgating at 6 a.m. was a regular occurance and along with degrees in Journalism and Communtications we recieved, as most college students do, a certain appreciation for C2H5OH, commonly referred to as alcohol. 

Fast forward three years, my best friends and I are all living downtown in the wonderful city of Chicago. We don’t indulge in alcohol as much but as working women with full-time jobs we definitely enjoy a cocktail or two on Friday nights.  When the opportunity arose to try out Monaco cocktail, I couldn’t turn it down. I do love my cocktails.


The first thing we loved about Monaco vodka cocktails was the presentation. A slim can that is easy to open and was fun to drink. The cocktail comes in two flavors- black raspberry and citrus. We obviously tried both! The cocktail had an exceptionally clean finish and we were suprised to read that the drink contains two shots of four-times distilled vodka. Strong and smooth! We likey!

monaco-raspberry-can.jpeg      monaco-citrus-can.jpeg  

Lightly carbonated, both flavors were refreshing, crisp and fresh. You could taste the flavors without being weighed down by the vodka- its as if a bartender made the drink and mixed the perfect amount of vodka and juice.  Another plus, the drink didn’t leave us feeling super full like most pre-mixed cocktails. I felt like I was actually drinking a drink as opposed to a bottle of sugar.

Check them out on Twitter to learn more about the cocktails- as we all know, alcohol increases your chances of regretful behavior (ie: dancing on bars, falling on sidewalks,  participating in one too many karaokee songs, etc) however indulging in Monaco cocktails is one thing you don’t have to worry about regretting!

Full disclosure: I was provided samples but all opinions are my own and expressed in the post above. I received no additional compensation other than the samples.