An Attempt to Explain my Blogging Hiatus

As many of my wonderful friends, colleagues, family, tweeps and my own conscience have pointed out, I have not been blogging regularly. This post it my attempt to defend myself as well as a promise to my rock star colleague Carla (We both decided that we need to get back into our blogs) and all of you.

–Insert puppy eyes–


My attempt to defend myself- This summer I started a new job as a social media analyst at Sears Holdings Corporation. I couldn’t be happier and I really love what I do. That being said, it also took up a lot of my time. I was also training to achieve one of my life long goals, running the Chicago Marathon. That also being said, I did it! (Finished in a little over 4 and a half hours).


(My amazing friends @KEmilyCox, @jassencho and @black_brandon supporting me before, during and after the Chicago Marathon with hugs and Coors Light. Check out that medal!)

I also recently moved out of my lovely parents’ house and into an apartment in Wicker Park with my best friend Emily. I swear I’m alive! I told you I had reasons why I haven’t been blogging!

The reality- All the said excuses above have been wonderful events in my life, but the time has come and I have decided to dedicate more of the little time I have to blogging.

I think it is hard to keep up with blogging because we feel compelled to dish out a life changing post every time we write. My posts may not always be groundbreaking but I can almost always guarantee an opinion or a laugh (Maybe both if I’m really on my A-game).

Stay tuned- I promise to update more frequently!Much love and thanks to everyone who told me to get back to writing. I feel better already.